Energy Efficient Windows and Doors: What Are the Benefits?

Windows and doors are a huge part of a home’s architecture, efficiency, and when it comes times to sell, its market value. That’s why, when thinking about home improvement, windows should always be at the top of a homeowner’s list. Although it can be a costly and time-consuming venture to replace or retrofit all the windows and doors in an older home, in the end, the continued savings make up for it. Read on, and then learn all the reasons why you should buy energy efficient windows and doors.


The most substantial perk to investing in energy-efficient doors and windows for your home is the amount of money you’ll be saving over a period of years. When it comes to older windows and doors, the more winters or periods of severe weather a house has seen, the weaker these fixtures are.

It’s the kind of damage you might not notice at the offset, but after a time the number of leaks and drafts in a home will become uncomfortable and lead to higher energy and electric bills, along with a house that simply can’t be temperature-controlled no matter what you do. By researching the options at a local home improvement store, like Wilmington Window of Delaware, you can learn about types of windows and doors that will perform well over a number of years, combatting the cold and saving you tons of unnecessary costs in the meantime.


Apart from savings, the chance to achieve a better level of control over internal home temperatures is the main reason homeowners find themselves switching to energy efficient windows. When windows are more than twenty years old, their effectiveness begins to weaken with each passing year and each hard storm. There are a number of ways to defend older windows against the cold, but all the caulking and insulating in the world can’t compete with the advanced weather protection that the latest energy efficient model will provide for your home.

Though older windows can contribute to a home’s draftiness and lack of temperature control, doors are also a huge culprit in this. When you buy energy efficient doors, they protect your home from cold air and outside elements entering each time someone leaves or enters. When it comes to older wooden doors, the amount of leakage and air waste comes to nearly double the amount that a newer, insulated steel or fiberglass door can provide for your home.


In addition to keeping your home safe from the elements, energy efficient windows and doors also have the capability of keeping your home safer from intruders. When it comes to sensitive areas of the home, your windows and doors are the most vulnerable by far. Entranceways that are older and eroded create a much easier path for intruders to break in without using a lot of effort. When doors and windows have lost the ability to seal your home properly, they leave your home vulnerable to any kind of unwanted intrusion. Many energy efficient models also protect your home and belongings by sheltering them from the sun, using tinting, treatments, or overhangs to protect sensitive areas from glare and any other damage caused by hours of sun exposure.

Environmental Benefits

In the past few years, major advances have been made in terms of protecting our environment as our homes. In the wake of these advances, many companies have figured out how to make the essential components of each new home, namely their doors and windows, work to protect that home for years to come. Newer models of energy efficient windows and doors are built to last, with technology that soaks up and redirects the sun’s light to produce solar-powered energy, with the effect of voiding many homes’ needs for conventional electricity.

Increase Market Value

The future of American homes involves solar-powered energy and advanced protection when it comes to doors, windows, and other entranceways. By investing early in this new technology, you’ll not only be protecting your home from the harshness of the environment–you’ll be protecting the environment from potential harm and waste caused by conventional heating and cooling methods.

New products are being developed every day to create energy efficient homes that rely less and less on traditional electricity and other practices that are harmful to the environment. When you put your money toward newer, energy efficient doors and windows, you’ll be preparing your house for a future in which this practice will be the standard. It won’t just increase your home’s market value. It will protect you from hundreds of dollars in unnecessary costs along the way.



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