Are table fans cordless? How do you charge these table fans?

Table fans are the most widely used fans after the ceiling fans and if we consider the modifications in the fans and take into consideration the wall mounted fans then the table fans might become the most widely used category of fan to be used across the world. The table fans over the span of time have evolved become more efficient and quiet.

The first model which could be classified as the electric table fan was designed by Peter Behrens and was introduced by a company named Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft (A.E.G) in 1908.

The table fans have simple mechanism of working and they employ the very traditional single phase induction motor to work. When current passes through the stator coil, there is magnetisation due to the current and this magnetisation due to electromagnetic induction induces current in the rotor coil and this induced current magnetises the rotor coil thus this causes the two coils to undergo rotation and since the stator coil is fixed thus the rotor rotates and along with that the rotating shaft also rotates, rotating the fan blades along with them and this causes the air to be sucked from behind and be pushed in front with force which gives the user a sensation of breeze. In the table fan, the motor assembly is sealed and the blades are encased into a cage like structure which prevents injury to user by the blades.


There have been many evolutions in terms of the table fan. In the traditional table fans there were motors which were not very fast, and the motors were not at all efficient and they were noisy while operating them. During the course of their usage the speed of the motors has been drastically improved, the fans have become much more efficient in terms of airflow efficiency and they have definitely become very much quiet. Nowadays the table fans are coming to the markets which even run on solar power. These devices have a solar panel attached to them and the solar panel converts the solar energy to the electrical energy and transmit it t the fan which converts this electrical energy to mechanical energy by means of the motor. These devices use the DC motor because the solar panel converts the solar energy to the Direct current and this DC is converted to mechanical work by using a DC motor.


These fans are also modified to be cordless table fans. Yes, there are cordless table fans.  These cordless table fans generally come with solar power conversion technology, but these are also available without them. The question that arises is what is a cordless table fan? To answer that a cordless fan is such a table fan which doesn’t has a wire connecting it to the main supply to operate. These fans have inbuilt batteries which are rechargeable and these very batteries provide the motor with electric power which makes it run. These fans have BLDC motors which are much more efficient and fast. These devices are charge either using an AC-DC SMPS charger or few of them have USB mobile charging and also some have their own charging equipment and the user just has to plug it in and leave it that way for the specified time. You can buy these fans online too, from companies like Atomberg.

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