Four Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Lighting A Room

Investing in home lighting can add value to your home, transform the feel of a room and add more light. Though added lighting might have its benefits, if done incorrectly, you might end up regretting your decision. So, when looking for new lighting fixtures for a room in your home, be careful not to make these mistakes:

  1. Fixture Sizing

Without considering the space you have to work with, you might end up getting lighting fixtures that are too large or too small for the area. A large fixture in a small room can be obtrusive, overwhelming and possibly hazardous. A large room with accessories too small can look quite silly, disproportionate and the lighting might not be sufficient for your needs.

  1. Out of Reach

Access to lighting can also make or break a room’s functionality. Specifically, fixtures needing manual engagement. If you are sitting on your sofa and the light fixture by your side is too tall to switch on from a sitting position, frustration will inevitably ensue. If you have a squatty fixture where you have to bend over and scoop your hand down under the lamp shade to switch on, you didn’t think it through. Always consider placing fixtures at a convenient height.

  1. Effect on Paint Colors

Lighting affects certain colors more than others. Certain hues can make all the difference. Darker colors can seem even darker when shadows are in place, contrasting from the light. Mint green can transform to forest green with the flip of a switch if you’re not careful. Study the colors and pick lighting accordingly.

  1. Overkill

Yes, you can go too far. Too many fixtures and too many layers of lighting (overhead, task lighting, ambient, accent, etc.) can strain the eyes, overwhelm the room and miss the mark for functionality. Identify the needs of the room before you begin the process. Having a plan for a room will help keep you from being swayed by every cute light you’ll see at the store.

The experts at Home Lighting Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, urge homeowners to do their research before committing to their project. Having a plan can save you lots of time, money and headache.

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